My friend Matt lent us this CD (yes, a compact disc, crazy, right?) a few weeks ago and we've been listening to it obsessively ever since.  It's actually the only thing I've listened to for weeks. I've tried listening to other things, but I can only stand about 30 seconds until I switch it back to the Reigning Sound.

Every track is amazing, seriously, it fries my little brains.  My favorite song is called Something to Hold Onto, it's one of the most beautiful and perfectly written songs I'VE EVER HEARD. Everybody should listen to this record and weep over its perfection.

Greg Cartwright is a genius and his bass player is actually a terrifying cowboy.
you can tell, just by looking at these fuckers that they make better music than you, all your friends and pretty much anybody you'll ever meet.  please notice Greg's grey boots (I'm pretending they are the same as mine), the cowboy's terrifying demeanor and the keyboard player's hand that looks like a weird fakey cake hand and how tiny the drummer is comparatively.

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