let's be honest. adventuring is the fucking best and you know it.

we can all pretend that tv, dry feet, food and the internet is where it's at but really, underneath it all, we just want to be face painted mad men running through the forest with home made spears and a wholelotta reckless abandon.

i remember being a little baby shit head and playing in the forest FOR HOURS. i remember spending whole days waist deep in boggy ponds catching frogs. afternoons building blinds and having wild dreams of them one day being overgrown caves that i could live in. seriously magical shit.

i've decided that i would like more of that and less of that other stuff (like, come on -- who needs food OR the internet -- BO-RING)... anyways at the moment my adventuring has been confined to the ol' concrete jungle but hey - you gotta start somewhere... but i just found face paints in my bathroom so shits gunna get wild p-r-e-t-t-y soon.

enjoy some pictures of a recent day to night adventuring, in the exotic region of hastings sunrise.



    Are we talking about the same blind here?

  2. HAHA yes! we are! all the adventuring i mentioned were things done with you and jay :)... remember rock climbing down the hill by your house? i remember it being rather impressive.. but i'm sure that's because we were like 5 years old. also... didn't we try digging an actual cave on your property in the cariboo.. in like the HARDEST dirt.. i think it was only like three feet deep and i had to curl up to fit inside of it... oh my. so fun!

  3. Yes I remember all that! I had such high hopes for that blind. I'm sure its still there but probably just looks like a pile of dirt with dead grass on it like it always did. Whoever owns that property now probably thinks they've got some idiot beaver on their hands.