two days in a row with this stuff. geez. ok for one, this isn't even fare. fucking kitten rolling around in the warm sand with no worries in the world. and for two, tabby tan? cats wearing sunscreen? i don't buy it. straight up this should be me.. cats probably don't even like sand. ok, and you know what? it's november and its minus 20 outside. thanks a lot for bringing this shirt in while vancouver is posing as the arctic. i want to own this shirt but i can't take it, so i can't buy it.

ok and you know what else? the more i think about this shirt and stare at this picture.... the more i realize that it's a complete fucking anomaly.

this is a grandma graphic on a little crop cut fucking knotted trim "101 DIY tshirt design" bullshit top....

and i don't think a gramstein who'd be into the idea of a kitten "beach bum" would also be into exposing that much skin...  MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

so other than me and maybe three of my kitten obsessed friends.. who was this shirt made for?

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