i've been seeing a lot of these little guys around... i've also been seeing alot of them exed out (exed? sp? anyone?)... i've been learning a little bit about graffiti culture and etiquette and it seemed funny to me, at first, that there were rules... but of coarse there are and the more i think about it the more i can appreciate that.. cause without some structure, most everything (even the world of vandals) would dissolve into madness... but it still seems funny.... why cross out the RLX triangles when you could be crossing out ALEX G..

more posts to come soon!

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  1. you don't cross out alex g becuase he is a king.
    a myth.
    a legand of sorts.
    you cross out people if they go over the wronf person,
    have bad style or if you just have beef with them.
    when you corss someone out you are suppose to
    write your tag so they know who done it.