i know a wonderful wonderful girl. a girl named sarah davies. i've known her for a very very long time.

she makes me laugh in that kind of way, where it becomes painful and although you don't want the lols to stop you need them to stop otherwise you may 1) die or worse 2) piss yourself. but she's also definitely made me cry before (as evidence, a to-this-day laughed about family joke involving me needing to wear a helmet called the LIL JAMMER if i'm going to play with sarah).

(ok on a side note i have to tell you about this helmet.. i think it belonged to the davies and it was definitely from the 80's.. it was white with all kinds of fun graphics puked all over it... it said LIL JAMMER on it.. in some jazzy font.. i think in hot pink.... it's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen (thanks to the 80's) and seriously isn't lil' jammin the opposite of what you want to do with your head? even if you are wearing a helmet? was this helmet encouraging me to put my head under a moving tracker wheel? or get it stuck between a wall and a parked car? who thought calling a helmet the LIL JAMMER was a good idea? i guess the 80's was a pretty crazy time..)

ANYWAYS.. the point is sarah has always been this tough as nails, wonderfully boisterous, can-do-will-do type of girl.. and probably the only girl.. or possibly person who would sit through 3 hours of impounded wisdom tooth removal (all 4) without anything more than bullshit local freezing that didn't work.

most people, upon realizing that the freezing wasn't working would have pulled the plug, like ASAFP.. you know in like the first ohhhhh 7 minutes.

but sarah is tough. not pretend girl tough, not pretend guido tough, actually tougher than everybody including jesus. she sat through the whole goddamn thing and even after like 2 hours and a million failed needles of freezing, when the dentist finally offered to stop and finish up on a different day, sarah said this:

"just. fucking. finish."


how did she not pass out? how did she let those motherfuckers get anywhere near her with the pliers and drills, sledges and dynamite needed to mine those fucking diamonds? sarah sat through it like the friggin all star tough guy she is cause she's actually made out of what heroes are made out of. she's the type of lady who's probably going to rescue families and animals from disasters some day. sarah definitely inspires me to be less of a panty-waisted sissy cupcake... also have i mentioned what a crippling babe she is?

anyways anyways anyways. the real point of all of this is to say: i adore sarah and love that we've been friends for so long and that we've been having some really good times lately.  The other weekend we decided to get tough guy tattoos... naturally sarah sat through it as casually as you'd sit through a pedicure. enjoy some pictures!

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