one of my most favorite things is finding other peoples personal stuff.. stuff they've forgotten about.. stuff they've thrown out.. stuff i've found in their bathroom and dresser drawers.. you know.....

SO ANYWAYS the other day i found this wonderful collection of stuff beside some porta potties, in the wettest grass, early in the morning, on the side of the road. and let me tell you, it was a superjackpot.

here are some pictures that prove what a gift this was.. all i can say is WHAT LUCK.

these pictures are from this little photobook that exclusively have pictures of dogs and other animal friends.. oh and that guy.

SEE WHAT I MEAN? it was all so amazing i almost felt like i was being PUNK'D


  1. a) way to creep your friends out by telling the world you like to look through their personal effects when they're not looking
    b) i love your shoes!
    c) i love you more
    xoxo bangs

  2. sweet find.
    you should send some of the stuff into this website:
    i could look through that site for hours and hours.