soooooooo... i maybe posted some rude things about ALEX G over the last couple months......

but here's the thing

i've decided it's pointless to 'hate' on him... cause he's fucking everywhere and based on geographical ambition alone, he's kind of killing it...

AND since this year i'm trying to be nicer (boring) and wear more dresses (eww gross) i'm going to go ahead and co-exist peacefully with the LBSH that ALEX G is... and give him 'big ups' for literally writing his name everywhere (even in fucking burnaby on a garage door)...

when i saw this one i got kind of weirded out cause i thought ALEX G had miraculously become 800X better but after some thought i decided that there was NO WAY and this must have been written by someone else

oh and also:

some other things i consider 'little baby shit heads':

-the baby on the fish sauce bottle
-me when i'm being a dummy dummy ding dong

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