so i was up early this morning (you know.. early.. like before 10...) and i walked by this fence... in my early morning haze i decided it looked like weird teeth.... then later in the day i found real teeth and then later after that i made a little cup into teeth by placing eyes above it.... and then even later after all of that, when i decided to do a thing about teeth and reviewed my pictures i realized that the fence didn't really look like teeth at all....  and my problems were compounded by the fact that BY CHANCE my picture of the real teeth kind of looks like a fucking face too cause of how the faucets are... so i just have two pictures of weird teeth faces and a picture of a fence.. WTF YA THAT MAKES REAL GOOD SENSE CAUSE FENCES AND TEETH ARE SO SIMILAR ahhhh AHH but i'm tired and i really wanted to post three pictures... and the fence was my original teeth.. so what the fuck ever. just don't have a dream where your tooth socket is bleeding so hard that blood starts coming out of your eyesballs.


  1. i really like your 'label' for this post

  2. blogs exist so that posts like this can exist