FAKE MAGIC (beer magic)

so the same night that i found those hearts for mar i had myself a nice wonky late night 'everything is magical' walk home. i went to mcdonalds by myself and it was so late (early) that i could no longer get fries with my (cold) chicken nuggets and instead had to have a hashbrown puck. an old man and a cab driver tried to 'pick me up' and not in a nice way (i don't think). in a way the reminded me that: when a young lady walks the streets, alone, late at night/early in the morning, you are likely a hooker. sorry sir cab and wrinkly hands for confusing you.

anyways. i had enjoyed some yum beers earlier in the night and had some nice hangs with lovely people so i was feeling all amped and OK.. so as i wondered home (and let me tell you - i wondered the fuck out of myself.. just walking SO slowly) i kept seeing things that were blowing my peabrain mind. probably things like: a shadow, some garbage, a tag, parked cars, some more garbage... etc etc etc... cause in the morning all i had to show for the 'amazing' things i saw was a picture of lights in a sidewalk construction tunnel. SO if you ever had any doubts that my brain was complete shit, wonder NO MORE.. BEHOLD, ALL IT TAKES TO BLOW MY MIND:

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