my beautiful and wonderfully talented friend Mar is collecting heart pics for her blog: http://www.mahrolovesyou.blogspot.com/.. Whenever I'm out and about i look for hearts for her (mar - you of coarse don't know this because i've failed at sending you any pics......) i found these the other night while i was stumbling around town... just for you little m! <3

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  1. AAAAAAA you are so lovely!!! Thanks for thinking of me. My eyes are constantly darting around looking for them.
    Some new tags popped up around my neighbourhood that read "I'm ok", "art", "hope" and an indistinguishable one that may read "boner". The "I'm ok" always reminds me of your favourite, RLX.
    I hope you are smiling. COME HERE NOW!!!!! We will adopt a cat and live like gypsies. <3