i wish that i could live off of

1. sapporo itchiban (sp? whatever.. you know what i mean.. chicken flavour)
2. coca cola (in a can pls)

would that not be the best?


i ate mcdonalds last night

and at the time is was the best thing ever... but then like 7 minutes after being finished i started feeling pretty bummed out. like waking up in the morning and being like "FUCK, did i dance last night? chrisssttttt" but with food.

also - you should know

that when i dance

i wake up the next morning

and am like

"FUCK, did i dance last night? chrisssttttt" while putting my face in my hands in HORROR.

so now you know im the same way about mcdonalds.

ANYWAYS.... boring

xxxxxx (i send those to my guts, since they have to deal with the garbage i sometimes put down there...)

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