i've been working all day on finishing songs i've had half written for ages. i have so many half finished songs that whenever i hit the inevitable roadblock in one, i start to just cycle through all the bits and pieces of the other songs until i've wasted enough time to feel like i deserve a break.  breaks usually consist of cruising the internet. getting a snack. heating up old coffee. searching for good kitten pictures... blogging... you know.. really good stuff.

i've made a list of all my half finished songs. and this morning i chose one of them to work on. the song is called 'there's a sadness in my heart'.. which is kind of a long title.. and maybe should change.. but i'll worry about that later (thumbs up to putting things off, yessssss)

these are the lyrics i have so far:
there's a sadness in my heart
it trickles down my spine
it burns a hole right through my chest
onto the other side

now it's living in my lungs
it's building it's home there
and with every single breath i take
(insert brilliant line that rhymes with 'there') <-- i worked on this section of the song for like an hour and came up with a bunch of bad ideas.. got discouraged and, naturally started playing through other songs instead. 

we're living on the devils land
we're planting our crops there
we're drinking down his poison
we're drinking from his well

but any night in summer
once that golden sun has set
he'll take you hand in dance
and boy, he'll help you to forget you're singing

so if you see him riding in the setting sun
and if you feel it hiding in your lungs
ask yourself if dying sounds like fun
cause you can only forget your troubles for so long
until they're all you got and you're left singing their song

so that's what i've got so far... and if i can keep myself from getting too distracted (read: facebooking) than maybe i'll actually finish it today. THAT WOULD BE A MIRACLE

sorry this was actually the most boring post ever. this post was me wasting time and in turn wasting your time. sorry. 


  1. Heard this at the end of episode 12 of hemlock grove on netflix...

  2. I just heard this on hemlock grove as well, liked the sound of her voice so i googled the lyrics and this is the only place i could find it.

  3. I just heard it on Hemlock Grove too. I would love to hear the whole song. What's up?

  4. Gorgeous voice & great lyrics. Hope to be able to get this on iTunes soon!!!

  5. The song is called There's A Sadness in My Heart by Cigarette legs and the link is That's the song off Hemlock Grove

  6. ...
    Now it's living in my lungs
    It's building its home there
    With every freakin' stone it lays it's (he's)
    Using up my air


    He'll take your hand ...

    So if you see him riding in the setting sun
    And if you feel it living in your lungs
    You better ask yourself if dyin' sounds like fun
    'Cause you can only hide your troubles for so long ...