well i finally stopped being a complete sissy and got a tough guy tattoo.

i'm still mostly a sissy. don't worry. i know it would be no fun if i was all tough. its really the most fun pretending to be tough and then actually being a kitten. 90 pounds of 'fuck you'? no more like 110 pounds of used kleenex (NOT in a sexy way)

anyways.. after having an amazing night at the arcade fire a few of us savages decided to do tattoos... originally kurt and i were going to get our matching parent tattoos (we're too cute RIGHT?) we were going to get our parents initials... but we couldn't figure it out quite right.. so decided to wait... then we talked about doing brother/sister tattoos.. but also couldn't figure that out.. (you'll notice i have shitty pen all over my hands in the pictures.. cause i was testing out all kinds of GREAT ideas...)

ANYWAYS.. i was determined to stop being the little idiot that always talked about stick and pokes, walked around with pen covered hands, but had absolutely ZERO to show for it... SO i went with something i've been kicking around (read: drawing on my hand) for the last little while.  i'm super in love with it and am so happy about the slight increase in my toughness level... ALSO my friend kortnay let sam and i draw on her and then she got the drawings tattooed (she is legit tough, lemmetellyou)....

SO HERE YOU GO, JUDGE AWAY (also - i know that it doesn't look very clean in the pictures ((which i actually think is funny)) but i assure you we were being safe and not being dum dums about it.. K? believe me?

thank you kurtis, kortnay, sam and michael for sharing in this very special night. i am actually pretty impressed with myself.. if you know me, you know that i cry when i dye my hair and get overwhelmed ordering food at restaurants.. so this is a pretty major stepping stone towards me not totally sucking at life.

me entering a world of pain (but not really...cause im so tough... but writing that has made me wanna watch the big lebowski)

there you go kids. the all seeing eye triangle (haha minus the eye) and relax...

the most stoked.. haha

just the cleanest table you've ever seen

i drew this heart on kort-yay's fingy.. and now its there forever! sorry little k! haha hope you love it!

before kort when in for round two

the final works or art :) thanks michael, you're good at this, srsly!

yes, i know.. i got street art tattooed onto my body for life.. but its only been two days and this little fucker has already helped me to chill outt... its the best advice and i'm so happy i keep it close at hand (HAHA IM SUPER FUNNY)

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  1. You're actually probably the best ever. The only thing better is that tattoo.