i'm going to post something later today that isn't the best. i was going to post it last week but then decided that there was no way that i could actually do so. but then last night i was hanging with a friendy and he said that it was RADICAL. actually no he didn't say that cause connor doesn't use those kind of words. but basically, he gave me the go ahead.

i'm not prepared to post it quite yet so i'm just talking about it instead.. soften you up a little. make the ol' one-two of my future bad post not hit quite as hard (cause now you think i'm going to post something really horrendous.. when actually its just a picture of a kitten with a funny hat on)

FYI that last part wasn't true.

the kitten part



this brings up an interesting thought. you know when you're in the midst of making some kind of decision and one of your choices is obviously the WRONG choice.. orrrr maybe saying it's the wrong choice is too harsh.. but its the choice with maybe more consequences, or its more expensive, or its fattening or illegal...or WHATEVER.. but it's definitely the 'worse' choice.... but you already know that you're gunna choose it.. even though you say you are still 'trying to decide'... but you've fully made up your mind to go with eating ALL the donuts... isn't that twisted?

I feel like i could:


i play this fun game with myself when im pretending NOT to know what decision im going to make.... it goes like this:

1. find a nickel (preferred coin cause of the beaver)
2. flip the nickel
3. heads -> think with your head
4. tails -> be a savage

this is basically just a tactic to put off making the inevitable choice. cause letmetellyou if i get heads on the first flip. i move onto best of three. and if the score is still favouring logic, i tend to:

1. say 'fuck it'
2. wait five minutes doing final contemplation
3. move forward with bad decision making, continuing to say 'fuck it'

so this whole post is about my future saying of  'fuck it'?
did that make sense?
not really cause i'm saying fuck it now about the future bad post. right? so does that make the future bad post not a bad post at all?

ohhh no no no.. this is all starting to dissolve.

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