i just thought i should say this:

i know that i just wrote about drunken nights spent starting bands and then brutal mornings and the subsequent panic attacks that ensue re:thebandyoustartedlastnightwhenyouwerecrossedeyed...


i realize i have probably tried starting a band with just about everybody i know and everybody i don't know whilst drunken.

i'm sorry peeeeps had to find out about my panic attacks -thisway- and i in no way wanted to offend anybody....

i don't have panic attacks cause i don't want to follow through on my drunken ideas, honestly I'd love to be in band with everybody and anybody it's just that as it stands, my free time is spent sleeping and crying, and along with work, writing, dead voices, etc i'm not really left with much time to do anything... besides blogging and drinking.. hmm.. ok this is starting to sound bad... I HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS just crap follow through... just ask Marie or Aaron.. i've got legit bands with them and we still never jam. seriously, i can't even keep a promise to myself! i talk about playing solo shows all.the.time. but that's all i do. talk. talk and think and think and talk

hrmmm we just need more hours in the day, less bills and probably a lot less booze. or waaaayyy more.

in the mean time check this out!

the band aaron and i have is called chief jesus.. we have a myspace but it's filled with tumbleweeds...

xx .....sorry if i've ever tried starting a band with you. im a hack.

ALSO ALSO so that i don't need to do this again.. T.B.O.D. is not something i regret being a part of  - i am happy about the creation of this wild and crazy gang/band...

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