the intro to this song is the best. seriously, the way the drums come in? are you KIDDING ME? see there are a lot of gnarly things in life but i feel like at least we get these little good moments, when drum beats kick through darkness and remind us THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.

also - how good is the chorus in this song? it's perfect. holy moly.

anyways.. got all jazzed up on this intro and decided dead voices should have an intro like this. but when your brains are like my brains (not so technical) this means ------> not. going. to. fucking. happen. good thing our drummers nickname is MATH ROCK... it took us two hours (read: it took DAN two hours cause kurt and i were pretty useless) to figure it out but we (he) did it! i still don't know how it works, dan figured out what we needed to play... and then when he comes in.. man oh man.. it's pretty heavy shit. so again.. this is a good reminder that it's these small things, (as weird as it is to be super amped on weird drum intros) that make things OK. next time i'm feeling low i'm just going to put the dig for fire intro on to repeat, close my eyes and remind myself that things are going to be O K.

<3 X 1000000000

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