i'm listening to motorhead right now, i'm not at this song yet (still 6 songs to go- currently on orgasmatron) but i haven't listened to motorhead for a long time (too long!) and was instantly reminded how much i love this song.  i used to sit people down in my living room and force them to sit through the whole song and tell them to 'get into the glory of the lyrics - SUPER epic!'... i'm not sure if people thought i was kidding or not, cause i love this song THAT much.. but i am serious. and you should be too. so i've posted the version with the sing alongs so that you too can get into the glory of the lyrics.. and the overall heaviness of this song. pure bliss, lemme tell you (HAHAHA i just made a pun on accident!)

OH and also - to whoever posted this song on youtube in the first place.. please spend some time working on your spelling (im one to talk but srlsy) if you were going to drop one vowel you should have fucking gone full pull... MTRHD 4 LF ...k?


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