yesterday i got MAIL ------- i know, hold the phone, wait just a minute hrrrrrrr... it's true and it was AWESOME.

i waited until today to opener up and could not have been more pleased with the contents.

found inside 1 package -
sent to: Allie "Legs" Sheldan
from one: Mahro Anfield

- 1 hand written letter, approx. 6" x 12", written in black ink (guessing ballpoint), folded into 3
- 1 card, approx. 3" x 4" w/advert and directions to The Evolution Store (120 Spring St, New York, NY)
- 1 alligator head, approx. 4" x 3" x 3", jaw open, eyes black, name: Tony Arinzana, born feb 15, 1955 - taxidermied dec 22 1979

so obviously, by now, you know that Mahro is a class 'A' dreamboat, who excels at being super cool but you should know that she happens to also posses innate style, beauty AND charm and is quite good at drawing accurate, becoming caricatures. to know her is to know an angel <3
check out her blog and you'll get what i mean:

thank you miss anfield, i have no idea how i will ever top getting an alligator head in the mail


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