when i was a 11 year old i was into a lot of real cool things, like breakdancing and ace of base. i used to spend hours on the internet (which was a pretty big deal back then) looking up all kinds of sweet moves and then spend hours in my kitchen busting them like some kind of super badass black inner-city 11 year old boy (HOWEVER by virtue of the fact i was a dorky white suburban 11 year old girl, and liked ace of base, me+breakdancing=foolish). i would happily dance around like a little idiot at all the school dances, top rocking and freezing myself into a goddamn frenzy. SO, now that that's out of the way and you know how misguided i was as a youth i can tell you about this:

in 1998 i got big shiny tunes 2 and one of my favorite songs was Blur's 'Song 2' (but i was also super up on smash mouth, sugar ray and bran van 3000.. so again.. i was largely misguided and if i liked anything actually cool it was on accident)... anyways, i decided that i should listen to blur's record, cause if it was anything like Song 2 (or big shiny tunes) i'd LOVE it.. but turns out i didn't love it, at all. if you were able to ask the 11 year old me what i thought about this record i would have straight up told you that it was terrible. terrible songs. terrible record. terrible everything. it's like my brain couldn't understand it so automatically it was put into the trash bin. i remember thinking for years, "how is it a band can write a song as good as song 2 and then just fucking BLOW it with the rest of the record" i was genuinely disappointed (but please keep in mind that i used to record myself singing acapella s-club 7 songs...)

but something magical happened to my brain. something happened so that now i get it. i fucking get it. i get it so so so so hard that it astonishes me that at one point i didn't get it, in the fucking least. I LOVE BLUR and i love this record. this record is sickeningly good, it's a piece of fucking work. WTF was i thinking back in the day (well obviously, considering the breakdancing, not much) and what exactly happened to make my pea brain understand? i spend a lot of time thinking about this. yes, the true mysteries of life.

anyways.. this is one of my all time favorite songs in life.. and i am so happy that i GET it. sometimes i miss being a carefree squirt, breakdancing and MSNing late into the night.. but i don't miss having oatmeal for brains and being painfully out of touch. damon albarn you are a prolific genius and i'm sorry that there was a time in my life when i didn't GET that.

xoxo (all for you damon, all for you)

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