last night was filled with good ideas and bad ideas
good idea - hanging out with some really great ladies
bad idea - drinking 400 bottles of wine

either way something really awesome happened. and it went a little something like this: the few of us that were left standing near the end of the night (or what we thought was near the end of the night) decided that we needed to get MORE wine. we were going to go get MORE wine and then go on a bike ride. originally we were going to ride motorcycles (some of these awesome ladies were going to start teaching me THEWAY to roll) but decided at about the 85th bottle of wine that this was a bad idea. SO ANYWAYS... we did some wobbly cruising to ceder cottage and bought all of their wine. all the wine they have ever had and will ever have. they are closed now. cause they have nothing to sell. so there. ANYANYWAYS.. the five of us actually just partied outside ceder cottage for like an hour. maybe cause it started to rain? or maybe because we're so awesome that it doesn't matter where we're partying - it's the best. Emily and Lindsay climbed a tree for christs sake! at one point some ceder cottage patron asked if we were a gang and we decided that, yes infact, we were. SOOO every wednesday we're going to get the fuck together and just have the best times. for whatever reason we decided to call ourselves THE NIGHTS.. or THE KNIGHTS.. i'm not sure what the other lady dudes had imagined but i decided that it should be spelt NIGHTS.. so now we have a gang called the nights and it's awesome and we ride bikes (and hopefully soon motorbikes) and we watch bad TV and we have good dinners and we party where ever the shit we want. emily, sage, lindsay and lisa, i love you.

here are some pictures from the nights inaugural session - sorry the tree ones are so dark but it was the nighttime and iphones aren't actually the best cameras (WHO KNEW?) 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and a bottle of wine