found this little guy last night and holy wow...

i have this rather incredible friend scott milligan and all of these OK GO videos reminds me of him.. it's like OK GO is just a band full of scotts.. it's like watching 'scotts inspired by scotts'... he's always coming up with great ideas that hurt your feelings because it makes you hate yourself for not being able to come up with great ideas too.

that's kind of how im feeling about this band right now.. you know when things are so good they are too good? am i supposed to be inspired or depressed?



  1. THANKS for the name drop ALLIE

    I showed the dog one to Alanna cause SHE LOVES DOGS so thanks for that one too

  2. scotts inspired by scotts.
    If only the whole world was like that, it would be a much more interesting (read: fucking weird and awesome) place.

    ...and it does hurt my feelings that scott always has better ideas than I do.
    THANKS a lot, SCOTT.

  3. I'm so glad art is subjective cause to me that band is fucking garbage. But I know exactly how you feel cause there's a few artists that do that to me...make me feel like I should concede, cash out, walk away...smiling, of course, with grace. But that's the part of my head I like to call The Liar. And so I tell the liar he can fuck right off, and I just get back to work...