so a little while ago i wrote about my friend mahro, who's an absolute dream... and now i'm writing about her again. when she's in vancouver we get to work together and it's really nice. this summer we discovered that when we first started working together we were both pretty LOW and used to both secretly cry in the washroom at work, ALL THE TIME. we also discovered that we're both still pretty loopy... it's good to find out that most people get wonky.. and that we're not 'in this' alone (duh, i know, but it's easy to forget sometimes k?). shortly before she left to go back to toronto she drew this picture of me. i came into work one day and there it was, taped up at our desk... it's quite accurate i think, although my face to glasses ratio isn't that extreme (although i do have the smallest goddamn head ON EARTH).. if you've hung out with me for more than 5 minutes you'll know that i say OHWELL a lot.

mar also left me that little note on her last day. mar, don't you know that i'm trying to be less wonky and moody? you can't just leave me beautiful little notes like that, then i'll never want to be stable!

<3 to you mar


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